Ulferts Kids Designs Inc.

Ulferts Kids Designs Inc. – Local early learning furniture specialist. As a wholesaler, UKDI supply furniture and school supplies for local daycare and school cares. This job also is my first official full-time working experience in Vancouver, Canada. I join the company on June. 9th 2014 and have been working here for 18 months till now, as a role of Lead Web & Graphic Designer. My responsibilities include Web Design (Customize Shopify theme page) and Graphic Design (Poster, social media, company branding). 

This is the main company website that made by Shopify and theme called Atlantic. But fully customized to fit the company needs. All the design & coding work all done by myself.

Company Website Link

Also, sometimes your company may need to have a bit seasonal taste. Like a Christmas theme.

For graphic designs, I helped the company to arrange photo shooting and graphic ideas. For better user experience, most of my design will always have the mobile friendly format. Give user more chance to click on the slides.

Sometimes, a little bit sketch skill gives my design more natural taste.

Overall, I enjoy the time that work here in UKDI. I learnt a lot about Shopify, jQuery, AJAX even a bit of SASS.