Ulferts Furniture (Canada) Inc.

Ulferts Furniture has served local GVRD area for over 25 years. They supply a wide selection of condo & detached home furniture. With over 35 years of experience in Canada, US, and Hong Kong, Ulferts is redefining furnishings for modern living spaces. This portfolio page shows the entire company website design and other design elements.

For 2 years work with Ulferts Furniture, I helped them established an entire branding system which includes not only their main website (Based on Shopify platform, using Liquid & SCSS) but also their logo redesign, flyers, and other marketing materials.

This is the main company website view. On the page, there are customized layout design and social media integration. Please visit https://ulferts.ca/ for live view.

There are handcrafted flat design elements are used on the website to bring it a bit of cute taste.

Ulferts Exclusive  – special production line logo design.

Company business card design.

Bilingual store sign design.