Gala Cafe Online Ordering & Restaurant Management System

Gala Cafe –  Located at Burnaby, marketplace, is a Chinese restaurant that serve various Chinese cuisine. This ongoing project is one of my Freelance project that works for the owner of the restaurant.

This is a Chinese site aim for Chinese audiences. I’m using CodeIgniter as my PHP framework and MySQL+Database as the foundation of the site. A lot of AJAX function is been used on the site because all the data pushing is required to be live.

In this website, there is two main section:

  • User side, which user can order online by using the shopping cart. Also, they can register an account and log into the website. It stores user info and order history.
  • Back-end area, which allows admin person to review order, approve an order, put down a new order, and monitoring kitchen working progress by using one control system.

Demo site coming soon…